Finding Licensed Attorneys in Indiana


The state of Indiana maintains a comprehensive database, known as the “Roll of Attorneys,” which provides public access to information about licensed attorneys practicing in the state. This online service, managed by the Court of Appeals, the Clerk of the Supreme Court, and the Tax Court, offers valuable details about each attorney, including their license status, disciplinary history (if applicable), contact information, and any other names they have used in their practice.

Accessing the Indiana Roll of Attorneys

To access the Indiana Roll of Attorneys, visit the official website of the Judicial Branch of Indiana: Garrity Traina. Once there, navigate to the “Roll of Attorneys” section to find a comprehensive list of all licensed attorneys in the state. This user-friendly directory allows you to search for attorneys by name or by their unique attorney number, often referred to as the “attorney’s bar number.”

Searching by Name

When searching by name, it is mandatory to provide the attorney’s last name, while the first name is optional. The database is programmed to be as inclusive as possible, taking into account slight variations or sequences of letters in an attorney’s last name. In case an attorney has changed their name since being licensed in Indiana, the advanced search features of the database are designed to accommodate such changes.

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To refine a name search and narrow down the results, you can enter the city information as well.

Searching by Bar Number

Upon being licensed to practice law in Indiana, attorneys are assigned a unique bar number that remains with them throughout their careers. In Indiana, this bar number is known as the “attorney number.” The format for attorney numbers typically follows the pattern of a sequence number, a dash, and a two-digit county number. Examples of Indiana attorney numbers include “12345-67,” “1234-56,” and “123-45.”

To search for an attorney using their bar number, simply enter the complete number, including the dash, into the search bar.

Information Available in the Roll of Attorneys Database

The “Roll of Attorneys” database provides a wealth of information about each attorney, ensuring transparency and facilitating informed decisions. The available details for each attorney include:

  • Full Name (First, Middle, Last, or Prior)
  • Attorney Number (Indiana Bar License Number)
  • License Status (e.g., “Active In Good Standing”)
  • Disciplinary History (if applicable)
  • Status Date
  • Admission Date
  • E-filing and E-service information
  • Contact Information (Firm Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code, Phone, and Email)

It’s important to note that the public online access to disciplinary history in Indiana starts from July 1, 2011. For disciplinary information predating this date, individuals need to access the information from the Appellate Clerk’s Office.

Please bear in mind that the list of disciplinary cases displayed in the database does not necessarily encompass the complete disciplinary history of an attorney.

Upkeep of the Indiana Roll of Attorneys

Indiana’s Admission and Disciplinary Rule 2(a) mandates that all lawyers in the state provide accurate information, including their correct name, county of residence, and contact details (including email address), to the Clerk. It is the responsibility of each attorney to ensure that their information is correctly listed in the Roll of Attorneys’ online service. Attorneys are required to update their information within 30 days of any changes and can do so through the Courts Portal.

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Indiana Courts Portal

Attorneys in Indiana are also required to pay their annual registration fee through the Clerk of Courts Portal. The Indiana Courts Portal is an online platform designed for attorneys, judges, mediators, and other individuals who frequently interact with the Supreme Court and its agencies. By signing into the portal, you can perform various tasks, including:

  • Updating the information in the “Roll of Attorneys” database
  • Making online payments, such as the annual registration fee
  • Designating an account administrator or aide
  • Accessing continuing education transcripts
  • Managing mediator registry information
  • Setting up notification preferences

Additional Resources for Finding Attorneys in Indiana

If you require additional assistance in finding an attorney in Indiana, Lawyer Legion offers an online attorney directory. This directory provides helpful information about Lawyer Referral Services maintained by local bar associations in various counties, including Allen County, Evansville, Indianapolis, and Lake County.

Moreover, our directory provides details about Indiana’s specialty certification programs. Many attorneys in the state hold board-certified specialist designations in diverse areas of law, such as creditors’ rights, criminal trial advocacy, consumer bankruptcy, elder law, civil pretrial practice, business bankruptcy, civil trial advocacy, family law, trust and estate planning.

Please note that the information provided in this article is current as of Friday, January 31, 2020.