Bill Thompson: Your Trusted Attorney for Divorce, Custody, and Criminal Defense

A Compassionate and Dedicated Lawyer in Duluth and Beyond

When you’re facing a divorce, a custody battle, or have been charged with a crime, having a lawyer who genuinely cares about you, your family, and your situation can make all the difference. Meet Bill L. Thompson, a family law and criminal defense attorney with a mission to protect your rights and interests during these challenging times.

With over a decade of experience, Bill Thompson is known for his personal dedication to clients and his practical approach to practicing law. Based in downtown Duluth, he is licensed to practice in both Minnesota and Wisconsin, serving families throughout these states.

Providing Honest Assessments and Practical Solutions

Bill Thompson believes in giving his clients an honest assessment of their case, guiding them through their legal options, and helping them find resolutions in the most practical and least stressful way possible – all while achieving their goals. His commitment to understanding each client’s needs sets him apart.

Compassionate Representation in Family Law

Divorce, custody disputes, and other family law matters can be emotionally charged and highly stressful. Bill Thompson brings compassion and practicality to the table, helping clients make rational decisions and minimize conflicts when negotiating with their former spouses or partners. His remarkable results are attributed to his ability to focus on what truly matters to his clients and strive for the best outcomes. Services provided include divorce, property division, alimony, child custody and support disputes, visitation disputes, and other domestic legal issues.

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Effective Defense in Criminal Law

A drunk driving charge or a criminal allegation can have severe consequences for your life and reputation. Without an effective criminal defense lawyer by your side, your rights may be jeopardized, leading to more serious charges and heavier penalties than necessary. Bill Thompson’s practical approach to criminal defense helps clients avoid unnecessary charges, reduce penalties, and minimize the impact on their lives. With a decade of litigation experience, he ensures the best possible results when fighting charges ranging from DUIs and drug abuse to theft, assault, drug trafficking, sex-related crimes, and even murder. Put his experience and practical approach to work for you.

Discover Why Bill L. Thompson is the Trusted Choice

The best way to determine if an attorney is the right fit for you is to meet with them personally and learn about how they can help you. Hundreds of clients in the Arrowhead region, spanning Minnesota and Wisconsin, have entrusted their family law and criminal defense needs to Bill L. Thompson. Experience the difference for yourself by scheduling an initial consultation. Find out how his expertise and practical-sense approach to the law have benefited countless others.

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