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A business attorney in Dallas, Texas from Garrity Traina can provide expert legal services to company decision makers throughout the Dallas area. With the multitude of laws that potentially apply to any business, it’s easy for confusion to arise and for business owners to face significant risks. Many of our clients initially sought guidance from a small business lawyer in Dallas, TX before starting their companies and continue to consult with us periodically for reviews and issue-specific consultations. Regardless of whether your company is a sole proprietorship, a large corporation, or falls somewhere in between, adhering to legal requirements and performing due diligence is crucial. Our team at Garrity Traina can help safeguard your best interests.

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Employment Law

Most companies have at least one employee or contractor, and it’s important for companies to be aware of and adhere to the various employment laws enacted by the State of Texas. Employment law can be complex and at times seem contradictory, making it vital for company decision makers to fully comprehend these regulations and seek guidance from a trusted business lawyer when necessary. At Garrity Traina, we accommodate the diverse legal needs of our clients, ranging from occasional consultations to long-term legal services. Our team can assist your company in various areas, including:

  1. Guidelines for hiring and terminating employees, executives, and contractors.
  2. Guidelines for handling disputes between employees, between management and employees, and between staff and customers.
  3. Guidelines for offering employees hourly wages, salaries, healthcare benefits, bonuses, workers’ compensation, retirement benefits, and more.
  4. Guidelines for structuring payroll, paying taxes, and managing deductions.
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Immigration Law

If your company intends to hire non-U.S. citizens, whether temporarily or permanently, on a full-time or part-time basis, it is crucial to comply with all applicable federal and state immigration and employment laws. Immigration laws can be intricate and subject to frequent changes, causing further confusion. A small business lawyer in Dallas, Texas, not only stays up-to-date with current immigration laws pertaining to employment but also possesses knowledge about pending legislation that could potentially affect companies in the future.

Tax Laws

Failure to meet tax obligations can jeopardize a business. Companies are subject to various types of taxes imposed by local municipalities, the state, and the federal government. Furthermore, businesses must understand what expenses qualify as deductions, when estimated taxes must be paid, and the requirements concerning employee taxes. Our team at Garrity Traina can work closely with your company to identify its tax obligations, determine applicable deductions, and address other tax-related matters.

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