Enhance Your Can-Am Defender Experience: Make It Street Legal with Garrity Traina

Unlock New Possibilities with Can-Am Defender Street Legal Kit

Do you often daydream about taking your Can-Am Defender beyond the off-road trails? Have you ever wished for the freedom to ride without being covered head to toe in mud? Well, here’s some good news for you! By equipping your Can-Am Defender with street legal accessories like turn signal and horn kits, you can make that dream a reality. Picture yourself cruising down tranquil country roads or navigating your neighborhood streets in your Can-Am Defender, feeling the wind gently tousling your hair. It’s an experience like no other.

Enhance City Riding with Can-Am Defender Accessories

Are you looking to explore city roads with your Can-Am Defender? Do you want to add turn signals, trailer light hookups, and a horn to legally operate hayrides? Look no further! At Garrity Traina, we offer a wide range of aftermarket accessories and Can-Am Defender street legal kits to ensure compliance with local regulations. Our universal turn signal kit designed for a Polaris Ranger can be seamlessly installed on a Can-Am Defender. In addition, top-notch UTV parts providers like KG Powersports, XTC Power Products, and Ryco Moto also offer plug-and-play Can-Am Defender turn signal kits that come with a signal switch conveniently mounted on the steering column. Some kits even allow you to add extra LEDs for a Can-Am Defender blinker kit. The best part? Many of these kits integrate seamlessly with the factory rear lights, requiring no modifications. Just install, wire it up, and you’re ready to hit the road. Some street legal kits even come with license plate lamps!

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The Technical Side: Installation and Customization

Since the Can-Am Defender does not come with turn signal blinkers or a horn in its stock form, proper installation requires a bit of technical know-how. Should you choose the DIY route, you can wire an old-school flasher and rocker switch, ensuring you don’t override your Can-Am Defender’s factory brake signal and flash. Keep in mind that the Can-Am Defender taillights are the top and bottom LEDs on the assembly. One creative option is to use the taillights for flashing instead of the brake lights or incorporate a toggle switch to resolve any brake light/turn signal conflicts. Additionally, most turn signal arms have a brake circuit through the switch, allowing you to use a single bulb for both braking and turning signals. When it comes to signal arms, some aftermarket options feature a 3-pin LED flasher with built-in indicators, while others include built-in horn switches. As the Can-Am Defender operates on a two-wire system for the taillights and brake lights, you’ll need a way to momentarily cut power to the appropriate brake light, enabling it to flash while the other side continues to function as the brake light.

Hassle-Free Solutions: Complete Can-Am Defender Kits

In reality, many riders prefer not to deal with the complexities of a DIY turn signal and horn installation. That’s why we offer complete Can-Am Defender turn signal kits and horn kits, providing all the necessary components for a seamless installation in a single, easy order. Our top recommendation for most riders is the Can-Am Defender Plug & Play Turn Signal System with Horn by XTC Power Products. With these Can-Am Defender turn signal and horn kits, upgrading your ride becomes hassle-free.

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Safety First: The Importance of Turn Signals and Horns

Apart from sharing the road with other vehicles, having a turn signal kit and horn kit installed on your Can-Am Defender proves invaluable when leading a pack on the trail. These accessories allow fellow riders to understand your intentions, significantly reducing the risk of accidents. By adding a UTV horn to your Can-Am Defender, you can effectively alert riders on blind corners, ensuring their safety. Simple yet essential additions like these greatly enhance off-road riding safety for everyone. Equip your Can-Am Defender or Can-Am Defender MAX with these top-quality UTV aftermarket turn signal kits and horn kits today.

Take Your Can-Am Defender to the Next Level with Garrity Traina

Turn signals and horns not only improve the safety rating of your Can-Am Defender, but they also enable you to communicate your intentions and position in a universally understood manner, whether you’re off-roading or navigating city streets. In some states, these accessories are mandated by law to ensure your Can-Am Defender is street legal. Imagine the joy of your riding buddies easily keeping up with you, all while exchanging greetings and warnings from afar. With a Can-Am Defender turn signal and horn kit from Garrity Traina, this vision becomes a reality. Choose from our selection of Plug and Play Self-Cancelling Turn Signal Kits with Horn for your Can-Am Defender or Can-Am Defender MAX. Experience safer and more enjoyable rides by upgrading your side by side with Garrity Traina today!