Civil Litigation Attorneys

Read on for an overview of some of the civil litigation areas we specialize in:

Insurance Defense Litigation & Claims

We serve as counsel for multiple insurance companies, representing both them and their policyholders in a wide range of cases. With extensive experience in insurance defense litigation and claims, we can handle any case – from a simple car accident in Knoxville to complex legal disputes.

Arson & Insurance Fraud

Arson often leads to fraudulent insurance claims. Our team of lawyers specializes in investigating the origin and cause of fires, conducting thorough fire investigations to determine if they were accidental or intentionally set. We represent insurance companies facing fraudulent claims and policyholders accused of arson or insurance fraud.

Aviation Law

Our attorneys have expertise in handling various aviation cases, including civil suits related to airline and aviation accidents. We can represent injured parties as well as companies that own and operate aircraft, provided there are no conflicts of interest.

We also offer assistance with contract matters and civil litigation arising from the leasing, buying, selling, or financing of private jets, helicopters, and other personal and corporate aircraft.

Employment Law

Our lawyers possess in-depth knowledge of Tennessee employment law. We help local businesses ensure they adhere to the rights, interests, and privacy of their employees. Simultaneously, we aid employees in obtaining the necessary legal remedies to address employment law violations.

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We regularly engage in negotiations and mediations for contracts and other employment or separation agreements. If litigation becomes necessary, our experienced team can represent your interests.

  • Workers’ Compensation: We represent individuals and insurers in workers’ compensation disputes. Whether you suspect your claim was wrongfully denied or you are an insurer facing an appeal, we can investigate your case and determine the best course of action to recover benefits or defend your decision.
  • Harassment and Employment Discrimination: We take Knoxville discrimination claims seriously. Discrimination based on race, skin color, religion, sex, nationality, age, or disability is illegal. If you believe your employer discriminated against you, or if your company faces allegations of employment discrimination, contact us immediately to safeguard your rights. We handle both plaintiff and defendant harassment claims.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution: Our team includes experts in court-annexed mediation, regularly mediating disputes according to Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 and in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee. We also have team members experienced in arbitrating and mediating various disputes, ready to help you find a fair middle ground.
  • Civil Rights: We have represented employers and government agencies in lawsuits concerning civil rights violations based on the Federal Civil Rights Act of 1964. This includes defending against claims of police brutality and other alleged discrimination and civil rights violations. When necessary, we also assist individuals in filing such claims against employers or organizations.

Environmental Law

We work closely with businesses, industries, and individuals to handle a wide range of environmental matters in both state and federal court. Whether you encounter regulatory issues with a government agency or need assistance in recovering lost value due to land contamination, you require a knowledgeable Knoxville environmental lawyer by your side.

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Our close collaboration with scientific, medical, and real estate experts enables us to determine the extent of harm caused by leaks or spills. These experts can even testify on your behalf if litigation becomes necessary. Having this level of expertise is crucial when presenting your Tennessee environmental law case.

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