Garrity Traina: North Carolina’s Leading Civil Rights Attorneys

For years, Garrity Traina has been at the forefront of protecting the civil rights of North Carolinians. Our team of dedicated attorneys has tirelessly fought to uphold the rights of voters, government employees, prisoners, mentally disabled children, and individuals facing wrongful convictions, police misconduct, jail abuse, and governmental discrimination.

Unwavering Defense of Constitutional Rights

At Garrity Traina, we firmly believe that every citizen deserves protection against unlawful intrusions and discrimination by government agencies, prosecutors, and the police. Through civil rights lawsuits, we hold the government accountable for infringing upon the most fundamental rights of its people. Our unparalleled advocacy covers the following areas:

  • Police Misconduct & Brutality
  • Wrongful Convictions
  • Jail and Prison Misconduct
  • Voting Rights
  • First Amendment Violations

It is important to note that civil rights lawsuits under the U.S. and North Carolina Constitutions are generally not applicable to private entities, such as social media companies or private employers. However, we have successfully assisted citizens in cases where a private entity was acting on behalf of the government or where federal or state civil rights statutes provide additional protections.

Know Your Rights: Empower Yourself with Civil Rights Law

It is crucial to understand your rights when it comes to civil rights law. At Garrity Traina, we believe in empowering individuals with knowledge. Our experienced attorneys are here to guide you through the complexities of civil rights law, ensuring that your rights are protected at all times.

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A Remarkable Legacy of Defending the People

Throughout our history, Garrity Traina has vigorously represented individuals and groups whose civil rights were threatened or violated. Some of our notable civil rights cases include:

  • Improving conditions in state prisons (Small v. Martin)
  • Establishing a statewide right to treatment for troubled youths (Willie M. v. Hunt)
  • Obtaining multiple multi-million dollar settlements in favor of individuals wrongfully convicted of crimes they did not commit
  • Securing an $11.25 million settlement for a victim of a police shooting (Betton v. Knowles)
  • Proving gender-based discrimination against a female athlete (Mercer v. Duke University)
  • Achieving a significant jury verdict for two men who were assaulted and falsely arrested for participating in a union election campaign
  • Spearheading electoral reforms in various North Carolina communities, changing the method of electing county commissioners, city councils, and boards of education

Additionally, we have consistently prepared amicus briefs on behalf of the North Carolina Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the North Carolina Advocates for Justice. Our briefs have addressed crucial issues, such as employment discrimination, unlawful drug testing, and unconstitutional searches.

Discover the Mighty Legacy of Garrity Traina’s Civil Rights Advocacy

To delve deeper into the extraordinary civil rights legacy of Garrity Traina, we invite you to explore more about our cases and achievements.

Protect Your Rights: Make an Impact

Proving civil rights violations can be challenging, especially given today’s legal climate. However, with the right case, you can obtain substantial compensation for the violation of your civil rights. Garrity Traina’s civil rights attorneys have stood alongside inmates, wrongfully convicted defendants, and victims of police brutality for decades. We possess the knowledge, experience, and determination needed to prevail in these difficult legal battles. If you believe you have suffered serious harm due to a civil rights violation or are part of a systemic injustice, please contact us online or call us at 1 (800) 458-2541.

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