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Spokane County Superior Court – Sergeant Gately Exonerated

In 2016, Spokane Police Sergeant Gately, also president of the Spokane Police Officer’s Guild, faced charges of rendering criminal assistance and obstruction. It was alleged that he had tipped off another officer about an ongoing investigation and a pending search warrant. The defense team tirelessly presented their case, leading the trial judge to dismiss the charges of rendering criminal assistance before the trial even began. Although the jury was deadlocked at 8 votes for not guilty and 4 for guilty on the obstruction charge, the prosecutor ultimately dismissed the case. Following this victory, Sergeant Gately was reinstated within the department^1^.

Spokane County Superior Court

King County Superior Court – Detective Thompson’s Acquittal

In October 2015, a police detective, who had previously served as a Student Resource Officer at a local high school, was charged with several counts of felony sexual misconduct with a minor. Allegations arose regarding her involvement with a high school senior, who had reported the incident years later. Through a compelling defense, the jury declared Detective Thompson not guilty on all charges, leading to her return to duty^2^.

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King County Superior Court

King County Superior Court – Clearing the Name of C.E.

A prominent high school senior, captain of the soccer team and recipient of a college scholarship, faced allegations of rape in the third degree. The charges stemmed from a New Year’s Eve incident in 2013, where it was suggested that he engaged in non-consensual sexual intercourse after a night of drinking and partying. A jury unanimously delivered a not guilty verdict, reaffirming his innocence[^3^].

Seattle Municipal Court – Firefighter Bullene’s Vindication

After attending a Seattle Sounder’s soccer game, firefighter Bullene found himself facing multiple assault and malicious harassment charges. These charges arose from altercations with several individuals while walking through a park, accompanied by his girlfriend and another firefighter. The defense successfully argued self-defense, leading to a jury’s unanimous not guilty verdict on all charges^4^.

Seattle Municipal Court

Snohomish County Superior Court – Officer Carlile’s Tragic Ordeal

In a heartbreaking incident in November 2012, Marysville Police Officer Carlile accidentally left his “off duty” police pistol in his van. Tragically, his 3-year-old son found the forgotten weapon and unintentionally shot and killed his 7-year-old sister. The jury could not reach a unanimous verdict, causing a mistrial. The State subsequently dismissed the case, and Officer Carlile returned to duty following an arbitration appeal[^5^].

Snohomish County Superior Court

Snohomish County Superior Court – Officer Meade’s Justified Action

In May 2010, Everett Police Officer Meade faced charges of murder in the second degree and manslaughter in the first degree. The charges arose after he shot and killed a DUI suspect who refused to cooperate and attempted to run him over. The defense successfully argued self-defense, leading the jury to deliver a verdict of not guilty on all charges^6^.

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United States District Court – Deputy Bonnar’s Liberty Upheld

A King County Sheriff’s deputy faced a criminal indictment in December 2008, accused of violating civil rights and committing perjury during his testimony before a grand jury. The charges stemmed from an incident involving the alleged assault of a female drug suspect after a car pursuit. The jury unequivocally proclaimed the deputy not guilty on all counts, allowing him to resume his duty^7^.

United States District Court

King County Superior Court – Physician J.R. Exonerated

In a bar fight incident, a physician enrolled in the University of Washington School of Medicine’s residency program faced charges of felony assault in the second degree. It later emerged that the other individual involved in the altercation was an off-duty police officer. The jury remained deadlocked, with 8 votes favoring acquittal and 4 abstaining, ultimately leading to the dismissal of the charges[^8^].

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