David Lewis: The Go-To Lawyer for Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility

Providing Expert Guidance and Practical Advice to Attorneys and their Firms

The Authority on Attorney Grievance Complaints and Malpractice Suits

When lawyers find themselves in need of legal counsel, there’s one name that stands out above the rest – David Lewis. With his extensive knowledge of legal ethics and professional responsibility, David is the go-to expert for attorneys seeking practical advice on issues such as disciplinary exposure, financial risk, and conflicts of interest[^1^].

An Eminent Figure in the Legal Ethics Field

David’s qualifications speak for themselves. He served as the chair of the prestigious Professional Responsibility Committee at the New York City Bar Association for three years[^1^]. His expertise also extends to the state level, having contributed to the New York State Bar Association’s Committee on Standards of Attorney Conduct (COSAC)[^1^]. As a leading authority on attorney grievance complaints, malpractice suits, and disputes between lawyers, their firms, and their clients, David is at the forefront of shaping the ethical landscape in the legal profession[^1^].

A Practice That Reflects Years of Experience

David’s own practice is a testament to his vast experience in the field. He represents lawyers and firms in a range of scenarios where the Rules of Professional Conduct come into play – from partnership disputes to privilege and confidentiality issues, conflicts of interest to bar admission problems[^1^]. Additionally, David is well-versed in defending clients facing attorney grievance complaints and other court-related matters[^1^].

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Ethics vs. Morality: A Nuanced Perspective

David understands the distinction between ethics and morality, recognizing that one’s personal morals may not always align with the rules that govern legal practice[^1^]. To help lawyers understand this distinction, David provides advice to both outside and in-house counsel, including Fortune 500 companies, regarding ethical risk management[^1^]. Through his lectures and seminars, he teaches lawyers how to proactively avoid disciplinary complaints and malpractice charges by diligently following procedures such as executing engagement letters and conflict waivers[^1^]. David firmly believes in prevention over litigation.

An Open-Minded Approach to Legal Ethics

In a field often associated with rigidity, David sets himself apart by keeping an open mind. Rather than accepting the first apparent solution, he thoroughly evaluates his clients’ situations to uncover alternative options that may yield better outcomes[^1^]. This thoughtful and well-rounded approach guides his clients back on track when they have deviated from the rules and face potential career and business risks[^1^].

Legal Ethics Spokesperson
Image source: nyethics.com

Legal Ethics Spokesperson: Sharing Insights on National Ethics Matters

As a recognized authority in legal ethics, David’s commentary can be found in esteemed publications such as the New York Law Journal, Corporate Counsel Magazine, National Law Journal, New York State Bar Association Journal, ABA/BNA Lawyer’s Manual on Professional Conduct, Bloomberg BNA, Law360, and Law.com[^1^]. He also serves as a spokesperson in the press, providing interviews and quotes on a wide range of legal ethics matters[^1^]. While the sensitivity of the subject matter sometimes limits his ability to discuss specific topics, David is known for his willingness to collaborate with reporters under tight deadlines, offering fresh and practical perspectives to their readers[^1^].

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Legal Ethics Presenter: A Nationwide Authority on Ethical Compliance

Not only is David a sought-after legal ethics speaker, but he is also frequently invited to participate in programs across the country that tackle complex legal ethics and compliance issues[^1^]. These programs are organized by renowned institutions such as the Practicing Law Institute, American Bar Association, New York State Bar Association, New York City Bar Association, New York County Lawyers’ Association, Association for Professional Responsibility Lawyers, Fortune 500 companies, and various national law firms[^1^]. Additionally, David has had the privilege of serving as an adjunct law professor, teaching legal ethics and professional responsibility at Cardozo Law School[^1^]. During his lectures and seminars, David emphasizes the importance of fostering a culture of ethical compliance, raising awareness, and implementing comprehensive training throughout organizations[^1^].

Selected Past Program Topics

  • Technology and Risk Management for Law Firms
  • Legal Ethics for Litigators
  • Risk Management: What Every In-House Counsel Needs to Know
  • Litigation Financing
  • Ethical Pitfalls for Young Lawyers
  • Legal Ethics for Law Firm Administrators
  • Legal Ethics and Pro Bono Representations
  • Litigation Conduct Issues Associated With “Overly” Zealous Advocacy
  • Process and Procedure: Implementing New Law Firm Initiatives
  • The Ethics of International Practice
  • Ethical Considerations in the Use of Social Media[^1^]

With David Lewis as their advocate, attorneys and firms can find solace in his comprehensive and carefully considered approach to navigating the intricate landscape of legal ethics and professional responsibility[^1^].

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[^1^]: Information sourced from Garrity Traina.