Houston Civil Litigation Attorneys: Find the Best Legal Representation in the Rocket City

Types of Houston Civil Litigation Attorneys

Civil Lawyers in Houston, Texas have expertise in various areas of law. In this article, we will focus on the top lawyers who specialize in litigation in the Houston and Harris County area. While there are many civil lawyers who handle court cases, we will specifically cover:

  1. Houston Business Litigation Attorneys
  2. Commercial and Residential Litigation Attorneys in the Houston, TX area
  3. Divorce, Family, and Civil Trial Lawyers

Discover the Top Civil Lawyers in Houston

Walter Law Firm, PC – Board Certified Civil Trial Law

If you’re searching for a Houston Civil Lawyer who is also Board Certified in Civil Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, look no further than the business litigation attorneys at Walter Law Firm. Conveniently situated in the heart of Houston, Texas, their team is highly regarded for their expertise in litigating business disputes among major players in the area. Besides business litigation and civil trial practice, Walter Law Firm has recently established a strong foothold in Houston’s real estate litigation market due to the surge in transaction value caused by decreased inventory in Texas. For comprehensive legal representation that will take your case where it needs to go, contact Walter Law Firm at (713) 529-2020.

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Locke Lord

Just behind Walter Law Firm, PC, is Locke Lord, one of the largest firms in Houston. Their Houston office offers a wide range of legal services including bankruptcy, restructuring, commercial litigation, dispute resolution, corporate and securities law, environmental law, finance and banking, government relations, healthcare law, intellectual property, insurance and reinsurance, labor and employment law, mergers and acquisitions, private equity, real estate and finance, SEC enforcement and litigation, tax law, and white collar/internal investigations. Locke Lord’s energy lawyers are trusted advisors to companies from startups to multinational corporations, both domestically and internationally.

Houston Real Estate Litigation Attorneys

Commercial Real Estate

Stephenson Fournier

At Stephenson Fournier, their team leverages their vast experience and legal prowess to provide comprehensive commercial real estate advice to clients throughout Texas. Whether you are a real estate investor, developer, lender, commercial tenant, or owner, their legal team will protect your best interests. For reliable legal assistance, visit StephensonLaw.com.

McDowell Law Group, LLP

Property litigation matters can range from simple title disputes over easements to complex cases involving the rightful ownership of property purchased through partnership funds. McDowell Law Group LLP specializes in handling such complex cases. Their seasoned Houston property dispute lawyers are committed to providing straightforward answers and high-quality representation. For the best guidance and representation, reach out to HoustonTrialAttorneys.com.

Residential Real Estate Attorneys

Holmes Law, PLLC

At Holmes Law, PLLC, their team of Houston real estate lawyers offers a wide range of legal services, from simple matters to complex litigation. With a solid understanding of Texas real estate laws, they can expertly guide your business through any real estate issues and represent you effectively during disputes or litigation. To take advantage of a free consultation, call (832) 509-0445. Learn more at HoustonBusinessLawyers.net.

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Divorce, Family, and Civil Trial Lawyers

Houston Divorce Lawyer For Men

Embarking on a divorce in Texas? It is crucial to begin the process by consulting a Houston Divorce Attorney for an initial consultation. The stakes are high, as a Texas judge will soon sign an order that determines your future relationship with your children, the extent of your financial losses, the fate of your business, your living arrangements, and even the car you will drive. To protect your rights and pursue the best legal strategy, always consult an attorney. Find more information at HoustonDivorceLawyerForMen.com.

Longworth Law Firm

Daryl Longworth and The Longworth Law Firm specialize in Texas Family Law. They provide assistance to clients facing divorce and other complex family law issues in the Harris County and Fort Bend Family Courts. Trust them to offer the guidance and representation you need. Visit MyHoustonDivorce.Lawyer for more details.

The Bayley Law Firm

The Bayley Law Firm boasts experienced Houston divorce lawyers who have both the expertise and resources to handle your case, no matter how intricate it may seem. Protect your interests and regain control of your life with their help. For more information, head to BayleyLawHouston.com.

Remember, when it comes to finding the right legal representation in Houston, trust the experts. Explore your options, consult an attorney, and take the first step towards a favorable outcome.