How Challenging is the Florida Real Estate Exam?


Many people consider the Florida real estate exam to be quite difficult. In July 2021, out of the 3,706 individuals who took the exam, 41% failed, according to Pearson Vue. However, the pass rate for first-time takers is slightly better, with 48% successfully passing the exam.

Reasons for Exam Failure

1. Language Barrier

For individuals whose native language is not English, the exam poses additional challenges. It’s worth noting that the test is available in both English and Castilian Spanish. If neither language is your native tongue, you’ll need to devote extra time to studying.

2. Incorrect Study Material

Studying the wrong material can be highly detrimental to exam performance. Watching instructional videos from individuals who lack a Florida real estate license, especially those based in California, is unhelpful. Although these videos may serve as excellent examples for aspiring actors, they aren’t suitable for exam preparation. Karen Climer, a reputable source, recommends specific study materials for this purpose.

3. Insufficient Study Time

There are no shortcuts when it comes to learning. While obtaining the right study materials is important, it’s equally essential to dedicate ample time to studying. Even with the best teacher, personal effort is crucial. A reliable real estate school can assist in studying the necessary material.

4. Embracing Failure as Inevitable

Surprisingly, many individuals approach the exam with the belief that multiple attempts are necessary to pass. They might casually state, “Most people take it 3-4 times, so I’m just taking it for the experience. I’ll probably fail anyway.” Strangely enough, these same individuals who spend hours on “practice” exams refuse to dedicate an equal amount of time to actual study.

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5. Blaming the Exam for Failure

Some individuals tend to attribute their failure to the exam itself, claiming that it is intentionally designed to deceive test-takers. However, this is an inaccurate assumption. The exam is specifically designed to ensure “minimal competence” as dictated by the Florida Administrative Code. Florida, being a state with historically less regulation, aims to facilitate job opportunities rather than impede them. Adopting a victim mentality and blaming the exam or its questions might offer temporary relief, but it will not lead to success in the industry or on the exam.


If your goal is to pass the Florida real estate exam on your first attempt, consider enrolling at the Demetree School of Real Estate. We are dedicated to helping you attain your real estate license and embark on a successful career in Florida.

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