Hurricane Ian: A Guide for Policyholders

Garrity Traina understands the devastating impact Hurricane Ian has had on Florida. Our team is here to offer support and guidance during these trying times. In this article, we provide essential tips for filing a hurricane claim and answer frequently asked questions to assist policyholders in navigating the insurance process.

Tips for Filing a Hurricane Ian Claim

  1. Consult with Our Experienced Attorneys: Before contacting your insurance company, reach out to Garrity Traina. Our attorneys possess extensive expertise in handling insurance claims. We will ensure your claim accurately reflects the coverage outlined in your policy, maximizing your benefits and minimizing any delays or denials.

  2. Emergency Cleanup and Repairs: We work with a network of professionals who can promptly assist with emergency cleanup and temporary repairs. This swift action can prevent further damage to your property.

  3. Document the Damage: Take photographs or videos of the damage sustained by both the interior and exterior of your property, including any personal belongings. Don’t forget to make detailed notes, especially if there is structural damage. Refrain from discarding any damaged items until an adjuster has assessed them.

  4. Compare Pre- and Post-Storm Photos: If you took pictures of your property before the hurricane, compare them to the ones taken after the storm. This comparison will help strengthen your claim.

  5. Keep Track of Expenses: Retain all receipts for immediate repairs, hotel stays, meals, and other expenses incurred due to evacuation. These documents will be valuable for reimbursement purposes.

  6. Maintain a Detailed Journal: Record every conversation you have with insurance representatives and other individuals involved in your claim. Note the date, time, person’s name, and any monetary information discussed. Additionally, collect business cards from insurance company representatives.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Florida Hurricane Ian Insurance Claims

Q: Will I lose coverage if I consult with a lawyer?

A: No, it is a common misconception that seeking legal assistance will result in coverage loss. You have every right to consult with a lawyer if you believe your claim is not being handled appropriately.

Q: Will my premiums increase if I file a lawsuit?

A: Premiums generally rise annually, regardless of whether a claim or lawsuit is filed. Insurance is designed to protect you, and our lawyers are here to ensure you receive the protection you deserve.

Significant premium changes often occur when multiple claims are made within a specific period, especially for non-standard claims. However, natural disasters like hurricanes are considered standard claims affecting a large area.

Q: How can I enlist the help of Garrity Traina?

To schedule a free consultation, please contact our office. Our intake department will promptly arrange a call with one of our attorneys.

Please have the following items ready:

  • Copy of Your Insurance Policy/Declaration Page
  • Denial Letter (If Applicable)
  • Correspondence With Your Insurance Carrier (If Any)
  • Pictures/Estimates Of Your Damage

Q: How much will it cost to hire Garrity Traina?

In most cases, we operate on a contingency-fee basis. This means that we only collect a percentage of the compensation our clients receive when we win or settle their case. Our clients typically do not pay us hourly fees, and if we fail to win in their favor, they owe us nothing.

Q: Why should I contact Garrity Traina before filing a claim?

Contacting Garrity Traina before submitting a claim ensures your case receives proper handling. Our attorneys possess extensive policy expertise and understand insurance companies’ inner workings. We will prepare your claim to reflect the coverage outlined in your insurance policy, minimizing obstacles and reducing the likelihood of claim denial.

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We also have the resources and connections to assist with temporary repairs and locate alternative housing for you and your family if needed.

Q: Can I still seek Garrity Traina’s help if I’ve already hired a public adjuster?

Yes, you can still enlist our services even if you’ve already hired a public adjuster. We collaborate with various public adjusters, contractors, and restoration experts to expedite the resolution of your claim.

Q: What if I require immediate repairs?

If your home or business requires immediate repairs, reach out to Garrity Traina. Our network of experts is ready to assist with repairs and mitigation. We can also help you find temporary housing if necessary.

Q: What does the free consultation include?

The free consultation entails a scheduled call with one of our attorneys. During this call, we will assess your coverage by reviewing your policy limits and engage in an overall discussion of the damage you’ve incurred.

Garrity Traina will assist you in evaluating your damage, filing your insurance claim, coordinating repair efforts, and initiating any essential litigation.

For more information, visit Garrity Traina.