Jonathan Feldman: A Journey into the Legal Field

From Music to Law

Some people discover their true calling early in life. For others, it takes unexpected experiences to shape their career paths. Jonathan Feldman, the co-general counsel and secretary at Rubicon Project, an online advertising technology company, falls into the latter category.

During his college years at California State University, Northridge, Feldman was deeply involved in the music industry. As a music industry studies major, he found himself taking core classes on business law and copyrights. Surprisingly, those classes sparked a new interest and redirected his focus towards the legal field.

While his fellow music majors found these classes tedious, Feldman was captivated by the intricate intersection of law, business, and music. He saw the potential for a fulfilling career within this dynamic realm.

Nurturing the Spark

Feldman took note of his newfound passion and began contemplating a career in law. An internship at an entertainment law firm solidified his decision to pursue a law degree. Although the firm specialized in litigation, Feldman quickly realized that his true calling lay in the broader legal world.

Since completing law school, Feldman has enjoyed a diverse and successful career as an attorney. He attributes his achievements to the positive workplace experiences and relationships he has cultivated over the years. During his tenure at his first postgraduate firm, O’Melveny & Myers, Feldman was drawn to the people he encountered.

Impressed by their ability to excel in their legal work while maintaining a balanced family life, Feldman was inspired. The welcoming and compassionate nature of his colleagues solidified his choice to join the firm.

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Exploring Diverse Legal Areas

At O’Melveny & Myers, Feldman not only surrounded himself with genuine and hardworking individuals but also took the opportunity to explore various areas of law. As a young corporate lawyer, he delved into mergers and acquisitions, public company reporting, and equity offerings. This exposure provided him with a broad knowledge base and a strong legal foundation.

After spending six years at O’Melveny & Myers, Feldman reached a crossroads in his career. He had to decide whether to pursue partnership within the firm or explore other avenues, such as an in-house role.

Fortuitously, an opportunity presented itself through his wife’s law firm. Rubicon Project, a client of his wife’s firm, was seeking an experienced general counsel. Feldman seized the chance, aced his interviews, and transitioned to an in-house position at Rubicon Project.

Mentorship and Growth

At Rubicon Project, Feldman initially worked closely with the former general counsel, Brian Copple. Copple’s reputation as a mentor and his impressive career trajectory had preceded him. However, Feldman quickly discovered that Copple surpassed all expectations.

Describing Copple’s management style, Feldman emphasizes his willingness to teach, guide, and share experiences rather than dictate. Copple treated Feldman as an equal, encouraging him to tackle problems independently while offering valuable advice.

When an external opportunity arose for Copple, he recommended that Feldman and another lawyer take over his responsibilities. Feldman believes that throughout their working relationship, Copple was grooming and mentoring him for the role of general counsel.

Emulating Copple’s meticulous approach, Feldman confidently stepped into the shoes of general counsel. As he navigates his current role and looks ahead to future professional endeavors, Feldman remains committed to maintaining a healthy work-life balance as a devoted father of two.

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Work-Life Balance and Personal Growth

As both Feldman and his wife serve as general counsel for their respective companies, finding time for their family can be challenging. However, Feldman treasures the limited time he has with his loved ones, making it a priority to be present for dinner and bedtime.

Being an actively involved and emotionally available father is crucial to Feldman. He wants to witness and contribute to his children’s growth and be there for them whenever they need him.

O’Melveny & Myers LLP:

“I’ve known Jon for more than a decade. He is a pragmatic lawyer who focuses on solving problems by addressing business objectives rather than simply overcoming legal hurdles. He is intelligent and adaptable in his approach.”

-John-Paul Motley, Partner

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