Kevin O’Brien: A Dedicated Trial Attorney for Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Claims


When it comes to complex catastrophic personal injury claims and wrongful death cases, Kevin O’Brien is the partner and trial attorney you can trust. With his extensive expertise and unwavering dedication, Kevin focuses on representing individuals, families, and businesses who have suffered due to the wrongful acts of others. His areas of specialization include medical malpractice, products liability, construction accidents, premises liability, and automobile and trucking accidents.

Fighting for Justice

Kevin’s commitment to justice extends to victims of physical and sexual abuse by medical professionals, as well as those who have suffered abuse in institutional settings such as schools, summer camps, and foster care. Furthermore, he has successfully represented clients in personal injury claims caused by defective drugs and medical devices.

Leading the Way in National Litigation

Currently, Kevin is actively involved in the National Prescription Opiate Litigation. He represents individuals and governmental entities who have been affected by the Opioid Crisis and seek justice against the drug companies responsible. Additionally, Kevin is one of the leading attorneys in the country advocating for infants who have tragically lost their lives due to “Infant Inclined Sleeping Products” recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Making a Difference

Kevin’s legal work has not only resulted in significant financial compensation for his clients but has also exposed wrongdoing by large corporations and insurance companies. His pursuit of justice has led to changes that enhance safety in workplaces, on roadways, and in people’s homes. In fact, Kevin’s recent efforts prompted a major construction equipment manufacturer to revise its sales practices, making the inclusion of optional safety equipment mandatory for all future products.

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Historic Settlements and Successful Cases

In one of his recent cases, Kevin’s relentless advocacy led to an unprecedented settlement with the City of Philadelphia. The city agreed to equip its entire police force with tasers, costing approximately $14 million, following an incident involving Kevin’s client, who was experiencing a mental health crisis. Moreover, the city provided a multi-million-dollar settlement to the victim’s grieving family.

Kevin’s exceptional track record has earned him the trust and respect of his colleagues, who often turn to him to handle difficult and high-stakes cases for litigation and trial. He has successfully tried numerous significant cases, including those related to serious personal injuries, wrongful deaths, negligent security, maritime accidents, premises liability, and much more.

Some notable successes include:

  • Eight Figure Confidential Settlement – Product Liability
  • $5.45 Million – Worksite Injury and Product Liability
  • $5 Million – Mental Health Procedures Act
  • $3.5 Million – Trucking Collision
  • $3.0 Million – Trucking Collision
  • $2.6 Million – Dram Shop/ Motor Vehicle Collision
  • $2.5 Million – Civil Rights/ Shooting
  • $2.358 Million – Trucking Collision
  • $1.95 Million – Trucking Collision
  • $1.9 Million – Medical Malpractice
  • Seven Figure Confidential Motor Vehicle Collision
  • $1.58 Million – Construction Site Injury
  • $1.5 Million – Trucking Collision
  • $1.3 Million – Workplace Injury/ Employer Liability
  • $1.25 Million – Commercial Motor Vehicle Collision
  • $1.255 Million – Fraternity Liability
  • $1.25 Million – Product Liability
  • $1.075 Million – Product Liability
  • $1.05 Million – Motor Vehicle Collision
  • $1.045 Million – Premises Liability
  • $1.0 Million – Premises Liability

Unparalleled Dedication and Confidential Successes

Additionally, Kevin has achieved remarkable results for the firm’s clients. Although some of these successes are subject to confidentiality agreements, they serve as a testament to his unwavering commitment to obtaining justice.

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