Litigation Practice Group: Uncovering the Truth Behind the Controversies


In recent times, numerous lawsuits and controversies have cast a shadow over the reputation of the Litigation Practice Group (LPG) and its affiliated entities. This article aims to provide an in-depth analysis of these legal battles and shed light on the authenticity of the Litigation Practice Group. We will examine the allegations, the bankruptcy filing, refund policies, and reviews to present a comprehensive overview of the situation. So, let’s dive in and reveal the truth behind the Litigation Practice Group.

Naz II Holding Lawsuit: Allegations against LPG

One of the recent lawsuits against the Litigation Practice Group was filed by Naz II Holding on January 9, 2023. The lawsuit claims that Tony Diab, the individual responsible for running the Litigation Practice Group, has a history of ethical violations. These violations include diverting settlement funds intended for clients into his personal bank account. Such a serious accusation raises concerns about the integrity of the Litigation Practice Group and its operations. It is worth noting that Daniel Marsh, another figure associated with LPG, was not implicated in this lawsuit.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Filing

On March 20, 2023, the Litigation Practice Group filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in California. This filing has created uncertainty about the current status of the company. Chapter 11 bankruptcy is typically pursued by companies seeking to reorganize and continue their operations. However, the fact that LPG has gone from employing 400 individuals to a mere 4 raises questions about its financial stability.

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Refund Policies and Challenges

Many individuals who have engaged with the Litigation Practice Group are now worried about their refund options. The refund policy of LPG appears to be shrouded in ambiguity, with reports of difficulties accessing the terms and conditions page related to refunds. Some customers have complained about ongoing debits from their bank accounts even after requesting cancellations. To cancel your association with the Litigation Practice Group, it is advisable to contact your bank and disallow any future withdrawals.

Transfers to Other Entities

Customers who have joined the Litigation Practice Group or its associated entities, such as Gallant Law Group, Valiant Law Group, etc., for debt validation or relief, have received emails informing them about their transfer to other firms like Consumer Legal Group, Phoenix Law, Oakstone Law Group, Greyson Law, or Gallant Law PC. The relationship between these entities and the Litigation Practice Group remains unclear, as the latter seems to be operating under the name Phoenix Law. Understanding the connection between these firms is crucial for determining the legitimacy of their services.

Legitimacy Concerns

Considering the lawsuits, bankruptcy filing, refund challenges, and allegations against key individuals associated with the Litigation Practice Group, concerns about the company’s legitimacy emerge. The involvement of Tony Diab, a disbarred attorney, in diverting settlement funds raises significant ethical concerns. Furthermore, the bankruptcy filing and the drastic reduction in the employee count cast doubts on the company’s ability to fulfill its promises to customers.

Can You Get a Refund?

Obtaining a refund from the Litigation Practice Group and their team of attorneys appears to be a convoluted and uncertain process. Customers have reported frustration with the normal communication channels, and it remains unclear whether filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is necessary to receive a refund. While LPG stated that refunds were being processed in response to a BBB complaint, customers are left wondering about the criteria for obtaining a refund. There are also reports suggesting that Phoenix Law and Oakstone Law Group, the entities to which customers are being transferred, may not have the authority to issue refunds.

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Attorneys in Debt Relief and the Pitfalls of Debt Litigation

The Litigation Practice Group claims to have expertise in debt relief litigation and provides comprehensive services for individuals facing financial hardship, particularly those burdened with private student loans, excessive credit card debt, or multiple high-interest debts. However, the company’s track record, as highlighted by the lawsuits, bankruptcy filing, and customer complaints, reveals a darker side to its operations.

While the Litigation Practice Group markets itself as having expert attorneys in debt relief, the allegations against disbarred attorney Tony Diab and the dubious refund policies raise concerns about the competence and ethical practices of the company’s legal team. Clients seeking help with debt bankruptcy or civil matters should exercise caution when considering the Litigation Practice Group, as its history of questionable actions and unresolved issues may exacerbate their financial distress rather than provide effective resolution.

Alternatives to Litigation Practice Group

Given the concerns surrounding the Litigation Practice Group, it is advisable to explore alternatives for debt relief or consolidation. There are numerous reputable organizations and companies specializing in legitimate debt relief services. It is essential to conduct thorough research, read reviews, and seek advice from financial experts before engaging with any such firm.

Reviews and Complaints

Review platforms such as BBB, Google, Yelp, Indeed, and Glassdoor offer valuable insights into the experiences of customers who have interacted with the Litigation Practice Group. On BBB, the Litigation Practice Group has a rating of 3.01 based on 391 customer reviews. However, a significant number of complaints have been lodged, with 438 complaints in the past three years and 379 complaints in the last 12 months alone. These complaints highlight issues related to credit score declines, difficulties in obtaining refunds, and misunderstandings about the services provided.

Litigation Practice Group: Is It a Scam or Is It Legit? 4

Litigation Practice Group: Is It a Scam or Is It Legit? 5

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What specific ethical violations are associated with Tony Diab, the individual connected to the Litigation Practice Group?

Answer: Tony Diab, a disbarred attorney associated with LPG, has been accused of diverting settlement funds meant for clients into his personal bank account. This diversion of funds constitutes a serious ethical violation.

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How does Litigation Practice Group’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing affect its clients?

Answer: Litigation Practice Group’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing indicates financial difficulties for the company. This may impact clients by causing uncertainties regarding the company’s ability to fulfill its commitments, honor refunds, or provide ongoing services.

Are there reputable debt relief alternatives to LPG available?

Answer: Yes, several reputable debt relief organizations exist as alternatives to LPG. It is crucial to conduct thorough research, read reviews, and consult with financial experts to identify trustworthy and legitimate debt relief providers.

How have Litigation Practice Group’s clients experienced its services?

Answer: Clients’ experiences with LPG have varied. Some have reported issues such as declining credit scores and difficulties in obtaining refunds. Conducting a comprehensive review of customer feedback can provide insights into others’ experiences.

Can Phoenix Law or Oakstone Law Group issue refunds on behalf of Litigation Practice Group?

Answer: The authority of Phoenix Law or Oakstone Law Group to issue refunds on behalf of Litigation Practice Group remains uncertain. It is advisable to directly inquire with these entities for clarity on their refund policies and capabilities.

What are some red flags to consider when evaluating the legitimacy of a debt relief company?

Answer: Red flags to watch out for when evaluating the legitimacy of a debt relief company include unresolved customer complaints, lack of transparency in refund policies, unlicensed operations, and the involvement of individuals with questionable ethical histories.

Is Litigation Practice Group recommended for individuals seeking debt relief services?

Answer: Due to the controversies and uncertainties surrounding Litigation Practice Group, it is not recommended to engage with the company for debt relief services. Exploring alternatives with established and reputable debt relief organizations is a safer choice.

Are there any regulatory actions or investigations initiated against Litigation Practice Group?

Answer: The presence of regulatory actions or investigations against Litigation Practice Group is unclear based on the available information. However, the multiple lawsuits and customer complaints suggest potential legal and regulatory scrutiny.

How can clients protect themselves when seeking debt relief services?

Answer: Clients seeking debt relief services should exercise caution by thoroughly researching companies, reading customer reviews, verifying licenses and accreditations, and consulting with financial experts or consumer protection agencies. It is crucial to make informed decisions and protect one’s financial interests.


The Litigation Practice Group is currently engulfed in multiple lawsuits, a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, and a deluge of customer complaints. The allegations against Tony Diab, the disbarred attorney associated with LPG, and the questionable refund policies cast doubts on the legitimacy and ethical practices of the company.

Customers who have engaged with the Litigation Practice Group are advised to seek alternative debt relief options and proceed with caution. It is imperative to conduct thorough research, consult financial experts, and carefully evaluate the credibility of any organization offering debt relief services. Remember, your financial well-being is of utmost importance, and it’s crucial to make informed decisions when dealing with companies like Litigation Practice Group.

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