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Representing Clients with Complex Tax Matters & Controversies

As an experienced former IRS attorney, Kevin E. Thorn is dedicated to assisting individuals and businesses in Louisiana, as well as across the United States and around the globe, with their tax resolution, disputes, and litigation matters. Offering expert guidance in areas such as IRS audits, litigation, offshore bank account reporting, criminal investigations, and collections, Thorn Law Group ensures that you receive the help you need to navigate through complex tax issues effectively.

When You Need a Louisiana Tax Lawyer Most

Hello, I’m Kevin E. Thorn, the Managing Partner at Thorn Law Group. With years of experience working as an attorney for the IRS and the United States Tax Court, I have gained valuable insight into resolving even the most challenging tax dispute cases. When I established my own firm, I knew that Thorn Law Group could provide individuals and businesses with an unparalleled advantage when facing major tax disputes or criminal tax allegations.

Together with a carefully selected team of legal professionals, Thorn Law Group takes pride in having helped hundreds of clients save millions of dollars in back taxes and penalties, while minimizing civil and criminal consequences. Regardless of your specific tax issues, our Louisiana tax attorneys are here to promptly and effectively assist you in resolving your matters.

A Respected Firm Worldwide

When it comes to tax disputes, it’s crucial to seek representation from a trusted and respected firm. That’s exactly what you’ll find at Thorn Law Group. Our team of highly sought-after tax lawyers commands respect not only in Louisiana but also across the United States and worldwide. You can rest assured that our legal advice is of the highest caliber.

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Ensuring Your Satisfaction

At Thorn Law Group, our skilled legal professionals have a wealth of experience guiding clients through all aspects of tax planning and dispute resolution. With our background working for the IRS, we are well-prepared to handle various complex legal matters. When you reach out to us, one of our Louisiana tax lawyers will be glad to help you with any of the following state and federal tax issues:

  • Asset Protection
  • Business Tax Cases
  • Employment Tax Disputes
  • Employment Tax Reporting
  • Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)
  • Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR)
  • International Tax Planning
  • IRS Audits & Appeals
  • IRS Collections: Liens, Levies, Seizures & Garnishments
  • IRS Criminal Tax Investigations
  • IRS Healthcare Disputes
  • IRS Litigation
  • IRS Voluntary Disclosure
  • Probate Litigation
  • Tax Penalty Relief
  • Tax Return Issues
  • Trust Fund Planning & Recovery
  • Valuation Disputes
  • Whistleblower Actions
  • Will Contentions

Shake off the Weight of Your Tax Burden in Louisiana

Thorn Law Group firmly believes that no one should have to live with the constant fear of being targeted by the IRS. It’s an unjust and unnecessary way to exist. Fortunately, our team of Louisiana tax lawyers is here to help you move forward from your tax issues with confidence and dignity.

We handle cases of all sizes with efficiency and discretion, ensuring that your reputation remains intact. If you’re ready to free yourself from the burden of taxes, contact Managing Partner Kevin E. Thorn today to schedule a consultation.

Garrity Traina

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