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Alex Hall finds herself caught up in drama on Netflix’s real estate show, Selling The OC, Selling Sunset’s spin-off series. In 2015, she went through her own relationship troubles when she filed for divorce from her ex-husband, Neil Flores.

The busy real estate agent spends most of her time selling multi-million dollar homes in Newport Beach and has little time for dating due to her responsibilities as a mother. Although she went on a date with a man named Jeremy in the series, she quickly realized that she simply didn’t have the time for a relationship. This left viewers wondering about her dating history, which involved a seven-year marriage.

Meet Alex’s ex-husband Neil Flores

Neil is an attorney based in California and the father of two children. He was previously married to Alex for seven years. Neil is of Mexican descent and currently resides in Laguna Niguel, California.

According to his Facebook profile, he is currently single. He graduated from Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego and became a member of the State Bar of California in March 2020. Neil specializes in workers’ compensation and international law. Born in Orange County, he started his first business in the medical industry at the age of 18, following high school. After graduating with honors from the University of California Irvine, he was offered a position at a venture capital firm in Orange County. While Alex worked as a realtor like him, Neil shifted his focus to law.

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Selling The OC star files for divorce

Alex filed for divorce from Neil in November 2015, seven years after they got married. They first met in Orange County, where they both currently reside, and had their first child, a daughter, before welcoming a son four years later.

The divorce case was filed at the Lamoreaux Justice Center in Orange, California, as per Unicourt records. It is classified as a family legal separation lawsuit and remains unclassified.

Since the divorce, both Alex and Neil have remained single, prioritizing their careers and children over dating. In response to a fan’s question about her love life during an August Q&A, Alex shared a picture of her kids and replied, “Just these two loves currently.”

They have two children together

Alex and Neil both spend quality time with their children separately. In 2020, Neil posted a photo on his Facebook page of him and his daughter Gia riding a bike together.

It is evident that Alex’s children mean the world to her, and the same goes for Neil. They are proud parents to a young daughter who is on the verge of becoming a teenager, as well as a toddler son.

On the show, Alex expressed her hopes of finding love again and eventually getting remarried.

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