Patent and Trademark Licensing: Your Guide to Boosting Profits


Are you an inventor or business owner looking to boost your profits? Licensing your patented technology and brands can be a game-changer. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide to licensing, including what it entails, why it’s important, and the steps involved in the process.

What is Patent Licensing?

Patent licensing involves granting others the right to use your patented technology in their products and services, all for a royalty fee. You might wonder why anyone would allow others to compete against them. Well, the beauty of patent licensing lies in the fact that you don’t have to handle the manufacturing and sale of products yourself. You can make money without the need for a complete infrastructure. Instead, the licensee will pay you a royalty fee while you enjoy the benefits.

Additionally, patent licensing offers the opportunity to apply your patented technology to different fields beyond your own business area. For instance, if you have a patent for automotive windshield protectors, you can license it to a medical supplier to protect surgeons during surgery. This opens up a new stream of income for you, without the need for you to invest additional effort.

What is Trademark Licensing?

Trademark licensing, on the other hand, involves allowing others to use your brands. This can happen in the context of a co-branding venture, where they incorporate your branded technology into their own products. In such cases, you can require them to display your brand on their products.

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Trademark licensing serves as an effective way to increase public exposure to your brands. By partnering with other businesses, you expand your reach and create more opportunities for your brand to thrive.

The Challenges of Patent and Trademark Licensing

Let’s be real here – securing a patent or trademark license deal is far from easy. While you may have seen success stories on TV or heard about seemingly effortless deals, the reality is different. You need to convince the licensor that it is more practical and cost-effective for them to pay you a royalty than to come up with an alternative design.

To secure a licensing deal, it’s not enough to just have an idea. The further you are along in the manufacturing process, the higher your chances of sealing the deal. When you are already manufacturing and selling your product, you are proving to potential licensees that there is a market demand for your idea. This market demand increases the attractiveness of your licensing proposition. The more developed your business is, the greater the likelihood of securing a licensing deal.

It’s important to note that not all license deals are created equal. Some agreements can drain the resources of the licensor or burden them with excessive risk. To avoid these pitfalls, license agreements contain safeguards, such as performance milestones, which allow the licensor to terminate the agreement if the licensee fails to meet their commitments.

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Licensing your patented technology and brands can be a game-changer for your business. By partnering with others and allowing them to use your innovations, you can boost your profits and expand your market reach. While securing a license deal may not be easy, with the right approach and a solid business foundation, you can open up new streams of income and propel your success. Let Garrity Traina be your trusted partner in the world of patent and trademark licensing.