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Providing Top-notch Legal Representation across the Nation

Robert M. Goldstein is a highly respected attorney based in Boston, renowned for his expertise in criminal defense. With extensive experience representing clients in both federal and state courts throughout the country, Mr. Goldstein has earned a reputation for his unmatched skill set and unwavering dedication. His remarkable achievements have led to his selection as one of The Best Lawyers in America and Super Lawyers on multiple occasions. Moreover, his peers frequently seek his counsel and invite him to serve on expert panels. But what sets Mr. Goldstein apart from the rest?

Picture of Robert M. Goldstein

Unmatched Success Stories

Mr. Goldstein’s commitment to defending his clients in criminal investigations and prosecutions has yielded impressive outcomes time and time again. Here are just a few of his remarkable success stories:

  • Dismissing Federal charges against a foreign national accused of unauthorized access to a company’s computer network.
  • Securing a mistrial and dismissal of charges for an executive facing federal wire fraud and securities fraud allegations.
  • Achieving the acquittal of a prominent businesswoman charged with federal fraud and conspiracy offenses.
  • Suppressing crucial evidence obtained through a federal search warrant, leading to the dismissal of charges against a multi-national executive in a wide-ranging federal RICO prosecution.
  • Obtaining a probation sentence for a second executive charged in a sweeping federal RICO prosecution, following a multi-week trial.
  • Successfully acquitting a prominent business owner involved in a complex federal tax prosecution.
  • Securing the acquittal of a real estate professional facing federal RICO and wire fraud charges, involving more than 100 counts.
  • Winning a motion for a new trial for an executive charged in a complex federal mail and wire fraud prosecution involving the investment of ยง1031 (deferred property exchange) funds in the options market.
  • Proving the actual innocence of a client in a 1970s state court offense, serving as the basis for a subsequent federal prosecution. This groundbreaking ruling resulted in the client’s release from prison and spared approximately ten years of additional incarceration.
  • Pioneering a landmark legal decision, invalidating the government’s warrantless seizure of emails in the case of United States v. Warshak.
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Acknowledged Expertise and Recognition

Mr. Goldstein’s trial expertise has garnered recognition from presiding Federal judges, co-counsel, and even opposing counsel. In fact, after Mr. Goldstein’s first federal trial, a highly-publicized, weeks-long affair that has since been featured in magazines, books, and documentaries, the presiding judge himself recommended Mr. Goldstein for inclusion on a court panel. The judge was astonished to learn that Mr. Goldstein had graduated from law school just five years prior and credited him with the experience of an attorney with fifteen additional years of practice. Since then, Mr. Goldstein has continued to represent individuals and companies across the nation in high-stakes litigation, amassing over 20 years of successful legal practice. His clients consistently benefit from his exceptional skill set, ensuring the best possible outcome for their cases.

Dedication, Knowledge, Experience, and Skill

While success in each case cannot be guaranteed, one thing remains constant: Mr. Goldstein and his team provide unwavering dedication, knowledge, experience, and skill to every client. They firmly believe in offering their clients the best opportunity for success. Visit Garrity Traina to discover more about their outstanding legal services and how they can assist you.