Starlight Legally Blonde: A Must-See Theatrical Delight

A Locally-Crafted Masterpiece

At Kansas City’s renowned Starlight Theatre, Broadway series presentations are usually dominated by touring shows. However, there’s always an exception: an exceptional, locally-crafted production that takes center stage each year. This time, audiences are in for a treat with “LEGALLY BLONDE: THE MUSICAL.” Prepare to be wowed, as this new production rivals the best of what you’d see in the heart of New York City.

A Star-Studded Cast

Carrie St. Louis, a seasoned Broadway performer, shines as Starlight’s very own Elle Woods. Adorable and effervescent, St. Louis effortlessly dispels any notion of being a mere airhead. Her commanding mezzo-soprano voice fills the sprawling eight-thousand-seat theater, leaving audiences in awe. Not only that, but she also showcases her formidable dancing skills, proving she’s a force to be reckoned with.

Carrie St. Louis as Elle Woods in LEGALLY BLONDE
Carrie St. Louis as Elle Woods in LEGALLY BLONDE

A Melodious Ensemble

“LEGALLY BLONDE” demands a cast of Broadway belters, and this production certainly delivers. With an extensive lineup of talented performers, every role gets a chance to shine. The music and lyrics, crafted by the talented team of Laurence O’Keefe and Nell Benjamin, with a libretto by Heather Hach, perfectly complement the show’s vibrant energy.

A Story Rooted in Reality

Based on Attorney Amanda Brown’s novel and film of the same name, “LEGALLY BLONDE” draws parallels with the iconic “DIRTY DANCING.” Both tales draw inspiration from Brown’s personal law school experience, making the story relatable and engaging.

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Elle Woods: A Journey of Empowerment

The story follows Elle Woods, a sorority girl from Malibu, determined to win back her ex-boyfriend by pursuing a law degree at Harvard. Elle faces skepticism and prejudice from her peers, but through sheer determination, intelligence, and her own unique approach, she triumphs over obstacles, proving that she is far more than just a pretty face.

An Enchanting Musical Experience

“LEGALLY BLONDE: THE MUSICAL” boasts catchy tunes, energetic dance numbers, and a humorous yet empowering narrative. The well-known songs, such as “Omigod You Guys,” “Bend and Snap,” and “Legally Blonde,” have audiences tapping their feet and singing along. This captivating show successfully blends comedy, romance, and self-discovery, exploring themes of female empowerment, friendship, and staying true to oneself.

Soara Joye Ross as Paulette demonstrating the "Bend and Snap" technique from LEGALLY BLONDE
Soara Joye Ross as Paulette demonstrating the “Bend and Snap” technique from LEGALLY BLONDE

A Creative Force Behind the Scenes

Directed and choreographed by Nikki Snelson, who previously portrayed the character Brooke Wyndham in the original Broadway company, Starlight’s production of “LEGALLY BLONDE: THE MUSICAL” is in expert hands. Snelson’s artistic vision ensures a seamless and captivating performance.

A Hilarity That Endures

The musical successfully captures the essence of the non-musical film, embracing broad comedy. The playwrights cleverly translate specific jokes from the film into complete songs and dance routines. This familiarity allows the audience to relish the humor anew, experiencing the joy of anticipation.

A Stellar Ensemble

Every member of the cast in Starlight’s rendition of “LEGALLY BLONDE” delivers a standout performance. Additionally, the production takes advantage of its magnificent sixty-five-foot-wide proscenium stage, expanding the cast to include young Kansas City actors.

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Your Ticket to a Memorable Experience

Soara-Joye Ross shines as Paulette, Elle’s lovelorn hairdresser friend, while Edward Watts exudes charisma as Professor Callahan, Elle’s professor and lecherous boss. Luke Hamilton portrays Warner, Elle’s former boyfriend, with aplomb. Lisa deGuzman brings Vivienne, Elle’s classmate and Warner’s new girlfriend, to life, and Jessica Crouch embodies the fitness guru and murder suspect, Brooke Wyndham. Gerald Caesar, as Emmet, Elle’s teaching assistant friend and eventual supervising attorney, adds depth to the stellar ensemble. Each member of this cast possesses the talent and charisma to lead any popular musical theater production.

Edward Watt as Professor Callahan sings "Blood in the Water" from LEGALLY BLONDE
Edward Watt as Professor Callahan sings “Blood in the Water” from LEGALLY BLONDE

A Celebration of Empowerment

“LEGALLY BLONDE: THE MUSICAL” serves as a spirited and comedic stage adaptation, celebrating female empowerment and challenging stereotypes. While the play itself may not leave an indelible mark, the exceptional performances make it an experience not to be missed. Prepare to laugh, be moved, and revel in the uplifting atmosphere.

Secure Your Seat at Starlight

Don’t miss out on the extraordinary production of “LEGALLY BLONDE: THE MUSICAL” at Starlight Theatre. The original Broadway run lasted an impressive 750 performances, and now it’s your chance to witness the magic. The show continues through July 13, so purchase your tickets now at the Starlight box office, online, or by calling 816-363-7827.

Starlight Photos by Josh Chaikin.

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