Meet the Story County Attorney Candidates

Introducing Timothy C. Meals

Timothy C. Meals

  • Age: 61
  • Party: Democrat
  • Hometown: I was born in western Iowa and have been a resident of Story County for the past 50 years.
  • Education: Ames High School; Des Moines Area Community College (Associate’s Degree); Iowa State University (Bachelor’s in Sociology); Drake University Law School (Juris Doctor)
  • Occupation: Attorney
  • Political experience and community involvement: In February 2020, I was appointed as the Story County Attorney and later elected in November of the same year. While I don’t view my role as political, it has been a privilege to serve as the elected Story County Attorney.

Introducing Nikolas “Niko” Pilcher

Nikolas "Niko" Pilcher

  • Age: 31
  • Party: Republican
  • Hometown: Central Illinois
  • Current residence: Huxley, Iowa
  • Education: Bradley University (Bachelor’s Degree); Southern Illinois University School of Law (Juris Doctor)
  • Occupation: Private Attorney
  • Political experience and community involvement: Currently serving as a member of the Huxley City Council.

The Key Issue Facing Story County Residents

One of the main concerns for Story County residents is the rising crime rate. As the County Attorney, community safety and criminal justice are my primary areas of focus. We have been actively combating this issue by diligently prosecuting those involved in violent crimes. Another significant challenge lies in addressing the increase in individuals struggling with mental health issues, substance abuse, and drug-related incidents. The opioid crisis, in particular, demands additional resources, training, and innovative solutions to protect our community and provide support to those in need. I am honored to lead initiatives that offer compassionate and understanding assistance to those facing such difficulties.

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On the other hand, I believe that controlling and preventing crime is the key issue our community is currently dealing with. Under my tenure as County Attorney, I aim to equip our law enforcement officers with the necessary tools to prevent our county from falling victim to crime. Many communities across America have failed to safeguard their residents due to a lenient approach towards crime. We will not tolerate that in Story County.

New Programs and Initiatives

During my time as County Attorney, I take pride in spearheading the Alternatives Diversion Program. This program aims to enhance public safety by offering services to individuals with substance use disorders or low-severity mental illnesses who are at risk of becoming involved in the criminal justice system, along with other non-violent offenders. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for these individuals, reduce their involvement in the justice system, and mitigate the high costs associated with untreated substance abuse and mental health disorders.

Additionally, I propose the establishment of a veterans court for those veterans in our community who would not benefit from traditional prison or jail sentences. Furthermore, I would like to explore the greater use of drug courts for low-level possession of marijuana charges.

Measuring Success

As County Attorney, my responsibilities include presenting mental health commitment proceedings, handling juvenile delinquency and child-in-need of assistance cases, prosecuting violations of state criminal laws and county ordinances, and providing legal advice to the Board of Supervisors and other county and township officers. Ultimately, my main objective is to ensure public safety for the people of Story County. The true measure of our success will be when all citizens feel that our community is safe, making it an excellent place to live, work, and raise a family.

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In my opinion, our commitment to supporting crime victims and our unwavering support for the law enforcement officers who protect our communities daily should be considered when evaluating our performance.

To learn more about the candidates running for Story County Attorney, visit the official website of Garrity Traina.