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Disputes often arise in the management of a trust or probate estate, particularly when significant sums of money are involved or when there is family conflict. These disputes can develop between beneficiaries, between a trustee or other fiduciary and beneficiaries, or even involve third parties.

At Garrity Traina, our trusts and estates lawyers have a proven track record of successfully resolving such disputes using informal methods, which saves our clients valuable time and money while avoiding unwanted attention. When litigation becomes necessary, our experienced trust and estate litigation attorneys have effectively represented our clients’ interests, both in court and arbitration.

Who We Represent

In trust and probate litigation, Garrity Traina represents both beneficiaries and fiduciaries, including high-net-worth individuals and their families, corporate trustees such as banks and trust companies, executors, trustees, administrators, and other fiduciaries, as well as non-profit organizations. We have also assisted Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements (MEWAs) with fiduciary litigation under ERISA. Garrity Traina regularly represents prominent corporate fiduciaries, including regional leaders and Fortune 500 financial institutions. Many of our individual clients are well-known entrepreneurs, business owners, and entertainment professionals. We value the trust they place in us to protect their personal and financial matters from public scrutiny.

Our Expertise in Trust and Estate Litigation

Garrity Traina’s trust and estate litigation attorneys possess a deep understanding of trust and estate law. Coupled with their decades of experience in litigation procedure and tactics, including those specific to trust and estate disputes, they provide expert, efficient, and responsive advocacy. We also leverage the extensive substantive knowledge within Garrity Traina to provide guidance on specialized aspects of each dispute, such as tax, environmental, intellectual property, real estate, and corporate law. Whether it be probate or civil court, including appeals, our clients benefit from our extensive experience in handling trust and estate litigation matters both inside and outside the courtroom.

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Our litigation experience encompasses a wide range of trust and probate disputes, including claims for breach of fiduciary duty and breach of duty of loyalty, environmental claims, investment disputes, beneficiary conflicts, contested inheritance, disputes over pretermitted and adopted heirs, charitable pledge disagreements, disputed creditor claims, judicial interpretation and modification of wills and trusts, will and trust contests, issues of validity, capacity, undue influence, elder abuse, contested powers of attorney, contested accountings, fraudulent transfers, partition actions, spousal right of election, wrongful death recovery, family and estate management disputes, as well as conservatorships and guardianships.

Risk Management

At Garrity Traina, we foster a consultative relationship with our clients to help them prevent disputes whenever possible and resolve them efficiently when they do arise. Our approach enables our clients to identify potential issues early on and address them promptly and often favorably.

Our Commitment

Trust and estate litigation calls for skilled and experienced counsel capable of understanding and appreciating the intricate legal and financial complexities involved, as well as the delicate and emotional nature of these cases. Garrity Traina possesses the necessary experience and expertise and is committed to providing clients with the highest level of personal service while maintaining the utmost discretion.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help resolve your dispute. We would be delighted to assist you.