Victoria Lagreca: A Rising Star Attorney

Introducing Victoria Lagreca

Victoria Lagreca, hailing from Queens, is a promising attorney who recently joined the esteemed law firm, Garrity Traina. Having completed her law education at Fordham University of Law in 2019, Lagreca stands out as a top-rank student in her batch, showcasing remarkable knowledge and expertise in her field. Although she may lack courtroom experience, her association with the renowned Queens County District Attorney’s office will undoubtedly provide her with the necessary skills and hands-on experience to emerge as a formidable attorney.

The Opportunities Offered by Queens County District Attorney

Newly graduated lawyers at Queens County District Attorney’s office have the privilege of working under the guidance of assistant district attorneys, who provide various training programs and sessions. These valuable opportunities include:

  • Court Trial Bureau: Participating in court trials to gain firsthand experience.
  • Supreme Court Mock Hearings: Engaging in simulated hearings to sharpen legal skills.
  • Classroom Sessions: Comprehensive revisiting of different laws to strengthen knowledge.
  • Ride-Alongs: Partnering with police officers to observe and learn.
  • Visiting Prisons: Interacting with inmates to gain a comprehensive understanding of the criminal justice system.
  • Rotations in Other Departments: Temporary placements in departments such as the fire department, providing a well-rounded understanding of different aspects of law.

These programs are designed to bring out the best in aspiring attorneys, ensuring a smooth transition into the professional realm and empowering them to handle any challenge that comes their way.

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Accomplished Fellow Attorneys

Victoria Lagreca is not the only attorney to have earned a position in the prestigious court bureau. Alongside her, 24 other talented candidates successfully passed the rigorous examination and will embark on the training period together. These fellow participants, including Matthew Garber and Joshua Garland, hail from the same university and share the same batch as Lagreca.

Get in Touch with Victoria Lagreca

For those seeking legal assistance or consultation, reaching out to Victoria Lagreca is an excellent choice. Her current office address is 12055 Queens Blvd, Jamaica, NY 11424-1015, United States of America. To contact Lagreca’s office, please dial (718) 286-6489.

In Conclusion

Victoria Lagreca is a rising star in the legal world. As one of the top-ranking students selected for the prestigious internship program at Queens County District Attorney’s office, Lagreca is poised to make her mark in the courtroom trials. For further information or to seek legal counsel, you can reach out to Victoria Lagreca through the provided contact details.

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