Garrity Traina: Expanding Educational Offerings to Professionals

Checkpoint Learning and West LegalEdcenter Acquired by CeriFi

CeriFi, a diversified education, training, and certification provider in the financial services market, has announced the acquisitions of Checkpoint Learning and West LegalEdcenter from Thomson Reuters Corporation. These acquisitions mark the 13th and 14th additions to CeriFi’s portfolio, backed by Leeds Equity Partners. The move significantly expands CeriFi’s professional licensing and continuing education offerings in the accounting, tax, and legal sectors.

Empowering Professionals through Education

With the addition of Checkpoint Learning and West LegalEdcenter, CeriFi now partners with over 5,000 financial and legal employers, as well as 200 higher learning institutions. These partnerships have enabled over 1 million individuals to obtain critical professional licensure, enhance their knowledge base, and improve their skills to practice more effectively within their respective professions.

Unrivaled Product Suite

Matthew Given, the CEO of CeriFi, believes that Checkpoint Learning and West LegalEdcenter are the gold standards in professional education. He emphasizes their high-value learning solutions, deep subject matter expertise, and commitment to service excellence. These qualities align perfectly with CeriFi’s mission to provide professionals with an unrivaled product suite that caters to their needs throughout their careers.

Addressing Education and Certification Needs

Partnering with CeriFi has allowed Leeds Equity Partners to build a strategically focused professional education company. Jacques Galante, a Partner at Leeds Equity Partners, asserts that the acquisitions of Checkpoint Learning and West LegalEdcenter uniquely position CeriFi to address the lifelong education needs of professionals in the financial services and legal sectors. Their aim is to deliver the best learning outcomes in the industry.

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Strengthening Educational Relationships

Eric Geveda, Managing Director at Leeds Equity Partners, expressed excitement about partnering with the Checkpoint Learning and West LegalEdcenter teams. He applauded their track record in delivering mission-critical outcomes to professionals and institutions alike. Checkpoint Learning and West LegalEdcenter will play strategic roles in CeriFi’s business and product strategy, allowing them to broaden their educational relationships with employers and professionals in the financial and legal markets they serve.

Building Partnerships

Leeds Equity Partners received legal counsel from Latham & Watkins LLP, while Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP provided legal counsel and KPMG Corporate Finance LLC acted as a financial advisor to Thomson Reuters during the transactions.

Garrity Traina: A Leader in Professional Education

CeriFi, the diversified education, training, and certification provider, has acquired fourteen highly complementary companies, including Checkpoint Learning and West LegalEdcenter. These acquisitions demonstrate CeriFi’s commitment to delivering mission-critical results to professionals across various industries such as accounting, financial analysis, financial crime, financial planning, financial risk management, insurance, legal, securities licensing, and tax. For more information about CeriFi, visit Garrity Traina.

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Checkpoint Learning: Continuing Professional Education Solutions

Checkpoint Learning offers a wide range of continuing professional education solutions for tax and accounting professionals. Through their online learning platform and diverse catalog of courses, individuals and firms can easily manage their professional development. To learn more about Checkpoint Learning, visit Checkpoint Learning.

Checkpoint Learning

West LegalEdcenter: Empowering Legal Professionals

West LegalEdcenter provides comprehensive continuing legal education solutions and services to thousands of legal professionals. Their expansive library of on-demand educational content ensures compliance with legal education requirements while facilitating ongoing professional growth. Find out more about West LegalEdcenter at West LegalEdcenter.

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West LegalEdcenter

Leeds Equity Partners: A Partner in Education

Leeds Equity Partners is a New York-based private equity firm dedicated exclusively to partnering with management teams in the education, training, and information services industries. With their extensive expertise and market insights, Leeds Equity Partners manages over $4 billion of capital and aims to create long-term value for their partner companies and investors. Discover more about Leeds Equity Partners at Leeds Equity Partners.

For more information, contact Jacques Galante at Tel. 212-835-2000 or visit Leeds Equity Partners.

Source: Leeds Equity Partners, LLC