What Does a Civil Attorney Do?

When you find yourself in need of a lawyer, it’s important to understand that there are various types of lawyers who handle different kinds of cases. One such type is a civil litigation lawyer, specialized in resolving disputes between two parties. Let’s explore seven scenarios where a civil litigation lawyer can be of assistance, along with some helpful tips to guide you as you search for the right attorney.

1. Business Disputes

Business conflicts can range from financial claims and partner disagreements to accusations of cheating and even parking disputes. To ensure you hire the right civil litigation lawyer, it’s essential to thoroughly research their professional background. Do they possess experience in handling business disputes? It’s equally important to scrutinize their credentials and verify that they are licensed and in good standing.

2. Landlord/Tenant Disputes

The landlord-tenant relationship is built on trust, but it is also a legal and business arrangement. Disputes in this area often devolve into contradictory claims. A civil litigation attorney will typically communicate with both parties involved and gather as much documentation as possible to facilitate a resolution.

3. Financial Disputes

If you find yourself caught in a financial dispute, it’s crucial to seek advice from trustworthy sources. Engage in conversations with others who may have relevant experiences and ensure that you can rely on their insights. It is advisable to engage a civil litigation lawyer or law firm with expertise in handling financial matters. Additionally, it’s vital to feel confident that your attorney truly understands your specific needs, as financial matters can evoke deep emotional responses.

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4. Real Estate Matters

Real estate disputes encompass numerous issues, such as conflicts involving commercial developers, injuries, and condominium laws. If you encounter a real estate-related problem, it’s prudent to seek the assistance of an experienced civil litigation lawyer who possesses a track record of success in handling real estate disputes.

5. Personal Injury Cases

Whether it’s a workplace injury, medical misdiagnosis, being struck by a car, or experiencing harm due to a drunk driver, personal injury cases are sadly quite common. If your situation necessitates going to court, it is essential to retain the services of a skilled personal injury lawyer who can represent your best interests.

6. Family Disputes

Disputes among family members can be highly emotional and intense. With deep-seated feelings and a long history shared between the parties involved, emotions and resentments tend to surface during such conflicts. In these situations, it becomes crucial to have a civil litigation attorney who understands the complexities of family dynamics and can navigate a fair and just resolution.

7. Employment Disputes

Employment disputes often revolve around personal dynamics and can be extremely sensitive. Losing a job not only affects an individual but potentially an entire family’s livelihood as well. When handling an employment case, a civil litigation attorney aims to gather insights from both sides and seek a resolution that is fair and just.

Remember, finding the right civil litigation lawyer for your situation requires thorough research, careful consideration of their expertise, and ensuring they align with your specific needs. If you require guidance or representation in any of the scenarios outlined above, Garrity Traina is an experienced law firm that can provide the assistance and support you need.

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