Where Can You Stream Harry’s Law?

A Legal Drama Series Worth Watching

Harry’s Law, a legal drama series originally aired on NBC from 2011 to 2012, offers an engaging storyline set in Cincinnati, Ohio. The show revolves around Harriet “Harry” Korn, played by the talented Kathy Bates. Harry is a former patent attorney who, after being fired from her job, takes it upon herself to establish her own law firm. Together with her team of misfit lawyers, Harry tackles unconventional cases and fights for justice.

Meet the Characters

Harry’s team is an intriguing mix of individuals with their own unique backgrounds and perspectives on the law. One of Harry’s first hires is Adam Branch (Nate Corddry), a young and inexperienced lawyer whom she mentors and guides. Another addition to the team is Tommy Jefferson (Christopher McDonald), a once high-powered attorney who lost everything due to his drug addiction. Cassie Reynolds (Brittany Snow), a quiet and aspiring legal assistant, dreams of becoming a lawyer herself. Lastly, Jenna Backstrom (Beatrice Rosen), an ambitious French attorney, provides an international perspective to the firm.

Unconventional Cases and Unyielding Determination

Throughout the series, Harry’s team takes on a variety of cases, ranging from defending a man claiming to have been abducted by aliens to representing a group of nuns facing eviction from their convent. Harry and her colleagues often find themselves at odds with the legal system and the establishment. However, they refuse to back down, challenging powerful corporations and government entities whenever necessary. Although Harry’s no-nonsense attitude and unconventional methods may clash with other characters, she earns their respect through her unwavering commitment and dedication to the law.

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Portraying the Imperfect Legal System

A recurring theme in Harry’s Law is the notion that the legal system isn’t always fair, especially for those who cannot afford quality legal representation. The show sheds light on the struggles faced by individuals when pitted against influential entities. Furthermore, Harry’s Law stands out with its diverse cast of characters, reflecting various backgrounds and offering unique perspectives on the law.

Kathy Bates: An Outstanding Performance

Kathy Bates delivers a remarkable performance as the indomitable Harry Korn. Her portrayal brings an air of gravitas and authenticity to the character, who unapologetically remains true to herself, refusing to conform to societal norms. Bates shares palpable chemistry with her fellow cast members, particularly with Nate Corddry’s Adam, who plays her protégé and surrogate son.

A Cult Classic Despite Cancellation

Despite its critical acclaim and dedicated fan base, Harry’s Law unfortunately faced cancellation after its second season due to declining ratings. However, the show continues to be a beloved cult classic among legal drama enthusiasts. Viewers appreciate its nuanced portrayal of the legal system and its eccentric characters.

Watch Harry’s Law Today

In conclusion, Harry’s Law is a must-watch for fans of legal dramas and anyone who appreciates a captivating underdog story. The show’s depiction of the imperfect legal system, often favoring the powerful over the powerless, resonates deeply. Kathy Bates delivers an outstanding performance as the tough yet compassionate Harry Korn. The diverse cast and offbeat cases add a unique flavor to the series, making it a standout in the legal drama genre. Though short-lived, Harry’s Law remains a beloved show that continues to captivate audiences.

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Harry’s Law is currently available for streaming on the NBC website, offering both individual episodes and full seasons. Additionally, you can watch Harry’s Law on demand on Amazon Prime.